Our services covers the following

Our services at CK Tech refer to the professional services provide to individuals or organizations to plan, execute, and control projects on behalf of the clients. These services are aimed at ensuring the successful completion of their vision within defined constraints such as scope, time, cost, and quality. Here are some of our project management services:

Live Coaching

Individual and organizational transformation.

Project Planning

We assist clients in defining project goals, objectives, and deliverables. We develop a detailed project plan, including tasks, timelines, resource requirements, and milestones. This involves creating a work breakdown structure, identifying dependencies, and establishing project governance


Scope Management

At CK Tech we help define and manage the project scope by identifying the work to be done and the boundaries of the project. We work with stakeholders to gather requirements, prioritize features, and establish change control processes to ensure that project scope remains well-defined and manageable.

Schedule Management

At CK Tech we develop project schedules by creating a timeline of tasks and activities, setting dependencies, and assigning resources. We monitor and track progress, identify schedule risks, and implement strategies to keep the project on track. Schedule management involves techniques such as critical path analysis, resource leveling, and schedule compression.

Cost Management

At CK Tech we are responsible for managing project budgets and costs. We estimate project costs, develop a budget, track expenses, and control costs throughout the project lifecycle. We monitor project spending, identify cost variances, and implement strategies to keep the project within budget.

Risk Management

At CK Tech we identify and assess project risks and develop risk mitigation strategies. We create risk management plans, track identified risks, and implement contingency plans to minimize the impact of potential risks on the project’s objectives. Risk management includes activities such as risk identification, analysis, response planning, and monitoring.

Communication Management

At CK Tech we facilitate effective communication among project stakeholders. We establish communication channels, develop a communication plan, and ensure that relevant project information is shared in a timely and appropriate manner. We also facilitate meetings, provide project updates, and resolve conflicts or issues related to project communication.

Stakeholder Management

At CK Tech we engage and manage project stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. We identify stakeholders, assess their interests and influence, and develop strategies to actively engage and communicate with them. We address stakeholder concerns, manage expectations, and ensure stakeholder involvement in decision-making processes.

Quality Management

At CK Tech we ensure that project deliverables meet the required quality standards. We develop quality management plans, define quality metrics, and implement quality assurance and quality control processes. We monitor and evaluate project deliverables, identify quality issues, and implement corrective actions to maintain and improve project quality.

Procurement Management

In projects that involve procurement of goods or services, CK Tech handle procurement activities. We develop procurement plans, identify vendors or suppliers, create request for proposals (RFPs), evaluate bids, negotiate contracts, and manage vendor relationships throughout the project lifecycle.

Project Closure

At CK Tech we oversee the project closure phase, ensuring that all project activities are completed, final deliverables are accepted, and project documentation is archived. We conduct project reviews, capture lessons learned, and facilitate the transition of project outcomes to the client or relevant stakeholders.