Projects are temporary endeavors which is transferred to operations at the close of the project. Sometimes due to the change in market and technology developments there are exception of operations while in phases.

The main purpose of this Web Based Student Portal in is Filling the gap between parents and their a Childs school activities and academic progress give convenience in managing and uploading the student data for parents perusal.

This Web Based Student Portal gives parents access to the school activities of their children. The parents has to registers first to get an access into the system. After having an account, he can simply log in to the system and can freely use it. The user has now the ability receive Childs performance at the end of the term, chose Childs activities for the new term, take part in the Childs educational progress, access classroom activities. This Web Based Student Portal in is a user friendly system that the features can be easily understood by the parents.

Another project was the development of the online school library which was linked to the school portal hence the student online profile, where parents could see the books the child is reading and how many books in their disposal. A user friendly system.

Project Location :Abuja 2009/2010.

Facilitating of World Bank sponsored Projects. Enhancement of Education in Africa. Training led for the Ministry of Education concentrating on top management level.

Location :US

Building of RGB company network with a server based a system. Configuration of routers, running network cables for intranet, internet and telephone communication.

Developed the project plan through implementation. A school project in South Africa sponsored by the local municipality as part of school development. The Project was to deliver school chairs to the schools around the Lesedi Local Municipality.

Location :US

We developed a whole responsive site for them and improved internet traffic in many ways. The development lasted for 3 months and the site.

We’ve created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for them that combines search engine optimization, PPC advertising, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization. The strategy has been under implementation since January and has helped them identify the path and tasks that will help them progress.

Since the launch of the site and the beginning of the strategy, the site has produced great numbers and at the same time the number of various inquiries and requests for quotations has multiplied, so there is increase.

South Africa, 2017.